3 juin 2013

When Bartabas first showed up in New York in 2007 with Chimere at Battery park, this Frenchman and his Zingaro theatre were fairly unknown; reservations were scarce and the producers were concerned, after all, a horse must eat everyday, whether he performs or not… But word of mouth spread fast and the show became the ultimate place to go for wealthy and even not so wealthy New Yorkers. We in France are very lucky; we have access to his shows all year round at his domaine, Aubervilliers – really worth seeing, with his caravans, and a huge teepee where you can eat among oriental carpets in a cool ambiance and the round track where you may, after walking over stables, sit on circular benches. His last show, Callacas, was inspired by Mexico and the very colourful Mexican vision of death with humans dressed as skeletons flying through the air; Another performance this year was with the Japanese master Ko Murabushi, for a tremendous and intimate black and white show, in connection with ying and yang.

From Carolyn Carlson to Turquish music

Finally, all year long, every weekend, there are magnificent demonstrations held by the students of his academy in Versailles – with costumes by Dries Van Noten and saddler by Hermès – take place in exquisitely decorated stables, with bas reliefs and chandeliers worthy of the Sun King. Honoring the 10th anniversary of the academy that Bartabas is leaving for a month to take over the grand hall of La Villette in the 19th arrondissement. This carte blanche will allow the show to be discovered for the first time in Paris. We Were Horses, created with the choreographer Carolyn Carlson in 2011, brings together 16 dancers and 9 equestrians with music by renowned  composer Philip Glass. The public will also have free access to morning Academy work sessions, and from June 25th to 30th, some improvisations with his favourite horse Le Caravage and artists including Turquish musicians, Iranian singers, the French philosopher Michel Onfray and famous pianist Alexandre Tharaud. Something to suit all tastes…

Grande Halle de la Villette, from June, 3rd to 30th infos


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